Trading as “Schavakon Co., Ltd.”, S.C.L. Motor Part Co., Ltd. has expanded its role from that of a parts distributor for Isuzu, Mitsubishi and Mitsu Fuso automobiles, to become a leading and major manufacturer of “Power-S” aftermarket brand filter. Power-S filters include oil filters, air filters and fuel oil filters, all of which are ISO 9001: 2008 Quality System Certified, and are applicable to more than 95% of automobiles in Thailand.

TOYOTA GENUINE PARTS In order to support the automobile parts industry that has been substantially growing up, the company has then provided the genuine products of the TOYOTA so as to respond to the increasing demand


In 1983, S.C.L. Motor Part Co., Ltd. was appointed as a dealer to distribute genuine Mitsubishi parts for cars, pickups and trucks by Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


In 2001 S.C.L. Motor Part started to distribute genuine Ford spare parts. Spare parts for every model of Ford car and pickup, whether body part, undercarriage, or engine parts, all are available at S.C.L. Motor Part Co., Ltd.

We are also distributor for Chevrolet Genuine Parts such as Bumper, Head Lamp, Fender, Oil Filter, etc

S.C.L. Motor Part Co., Ltd. first distributed genuine Isuzu parts to its customers in 1964, after being appointed an authorized distributor by Tripetch Isuzu Sales Co., Ltd. The company has distributed genuine Isuzu parts for more than 40 years and today, its inventory includes more than 40,000 Isuzu part numbers, ready to supply customers – including oil filters, clutch discs, clutch combs, gaskets, pistons, piston liner, etc.


Amid the growing automotive parts market, S.C.L. Motor Part Co., Ltd. expanded its parts distribution business by including Honda automotive parts in its supplies in 2001, to meet the rising automotive parts demand, especially for filters, mud flaps, gaskets, propeller shaft seals, etc. Honda Automobile ( Thailand ) Co., Ltd. appointed us  their official part dealer in 2008.


In 2002, S.C.L. Motor Part Co., Ltd. started distributing genuine Nissan parts to meet the rising market demand for cars and pickups.


In 2004, Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd. separated spare parts for its large vehicles and set up Mitsu Fuso Trucks (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to distribute genuine Mitsubishi spare parts. S.C.L. Motor Part Co., Ltd. was again appointed part dealer for Fuso to supply spare parts for large trucks. Among hundreds of line items are oil filters, air filters, etc.

Mayphil is the name of a high quality liner from England, produced by experts with more than 40 years’ experience. The liner are made from “hard chrome”, resistant to heat and friction and coated with an anti-rust substance to reduce ring friction and achieve greater ring durability.
*Mayphil, a leading liner brand from UK with more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing lubricrom liner.
*Designed and produced especially for Formula-one World Championship team for 5 consecutive years.
*OE Manufacturer for Izumi and NPR Japan.

Unique Qualification
- Specially enforced steel help withstand torturing engine environment.
- Reduce engine wear and tear.
* Surfaced with the rust proof substance.
* Reduce piston ring wear and tear; protracts piston ring life.
* Mayphil Liner: the combination between high quality manufactured process and the best material in order to increase the efficiency of the vehicle without any modification.

Cromard liner are also quality liner from England, produced with high technology to ISO 9001 : 2000 standard. The liner is less than 1 millimeter thick, hard chromed, thus absorbent with lubricant oil for better ring durability.

ISO 9001 standard seal which all factories in the word trust to use for premium car as Toyota, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Nissan, etc


AAA Hub Bolt
 With ISO 9001, AAA Hub Bolt is from Japan for Japanese car, especially for Isuzu, Nissan, Hino, etc.

TOKICO Shock ABSORBER TOKICO Shock ABSORBER: Locally produced under Japanese Standard OEM Part for premium car manufacturer such as Toyota, Isuzu, Ford, Honda to name a few.

Unique Qualification

* Japanese Standard OEM Motor Part

* Teflon coating cylinder ring to reduce friction and extend the lifetime to be last longer.
* Automatic Valve System to make cylinder work variation to the shape of the road.
* Low Pressure Nitrogen to remove oil bubble and make shock absorber work firmly and smoothly.
* Special Hydraulic Oil is for making viscosity stable in every temperature and for controlling the internal working to be stable and accuracy for the highest performance.
* 1 year warrantee or within 20,000 km usage.

EXEDY CLUTCH DISCS and PRESSURE CLUTCH PLATES: Locally manufactured under Japanese technology as OEM; moreover, Exedy Disc Clutch and Pressure Clutch Plate are supplied to premium car manufacturers in Japan.

Unique Qualification
* Inside Pressure Clutch Plate is Exedy patent fabric. Special fabric is non-asbestos to make soft when clinging and extend the lifetime to be last longer.
* Cushioning Plate is special design to support the standard pressure from the pressure plate.
* Spring is OEM standard to support torsion as genuine clutch disc
* Exedy Clutch Disc and Pressure Clutch Plate use “unity system” that is Exedy patent to make driving soft

Three Bond Sealants : High standard product from Three Bond Co., Ltd. (Japan) that is world wild trusty.

  • Supper Sealer (Liquid Silicone for high temperature resistant gasket)
  • Three Bond 1800 Lubricant Spray : 200ML and 400ML
  • Three Bond Super Cleaner : 480 ML.
  • Supper Sealer No.1 (gray)  : 85 g.
  • Supper Sealer No.3 (red)    : 85 g.
  • Supper Sealer Bo.4 (white) : 85 g.
  • Supper Sealer No.5 (black) : 85 g.

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