Nowadays, as we know that automotive part business‘s growth rate rises every year and there are many automotive part distributors in business sector. In this business section, there are both of genuine parts and non-genuine parts. It is difficult for customers to know which parts are genuine or non-genuine. Sometime some customers may get the non-genuine parts as the price of genuine parts which is unfair for the customers. Moreover, this moment genuine parts and non-genuine parts are examined strictly by public sector and private sector.

With our care for the customers, S.C.L.Motor Part Co.,Ltd. Managing director Mr. Sakol Tangkosakul insisted in including “SCL Genuine Part Guarantee project” in the company’s policy to confirm to the customers that they will get 100% genuine parts.

 “SCL Genuine Part Guarantee project” that company set up to underline our believe in customer satisfaction is the key to our success. It’s our policy to distribute genuine parts with competitive price.

“If we found that our customers received any non-genuine parts from S.C.L., we will compensate our customer with the genuine part free of charge”

- The company will check if the our fault., we are willing to compensate free of charge for the genuine part.
- The compensation amount is not over THB 5000 / pc.
- Company holds the right to the final decision on the matter.

We are the first and the only one who do the business with honesty to the customers as our slogan Right Part at the Right Price